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The Gallery

Pauls Pencil portraits of the Tuskegee Airmen will be available for purchase as a digital download in the very near future. 25% of the proceeds will be given the Tuskegee Airmen HLHJ  TA chapter in support of the "Mile High Flight" program.

For purchase contact Paul at:

Captain Woof by Paul Ortiz created with A. I.  "Create you Montage Today" !
TA Lee Archer ACE & P51C Ace enhanced ppp c.jpg
Mary L. McCoy plaque by pmo 11 x 8.5 Oct 30, 2022 sample.jpg
Colorado Blue Angels hand drawn by Paul
TA John W. Mosley sculpture by pm 7.5 x
Apollo II Astronauts  water landing & fr
Edna and John W Mosley ppp c.jpg
dog drawn by Paul Ortiz
Colorado Thunderbirds by pmo May 2020 pp
Maj Gen James Shepherd composite 2-3-202
Pirates with frame by pmo.jpg
Blue Angel F-18 drawn by Paul Ortiz 2020
Rf-4C Phantom with frame angle by
Space shuttle Crew of Columbia by pmo we
American Astronaut Heroes add in image 4
Louis Armstrong by pmo.jpg
Pixars UP Fredricksen w balloons not for
Girl by pmo Oct 2019b.jpg
wood frame Blue Angel Hornet with map by
Doc & Michael J. Fox by pmo sample not f
Remy group by pmo sample not for
Joshua's family May 2021 by pmo.jpg
F-16 Falcon with frame by pmo 1-24-2021
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