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Pauls Pencil portraits of the Tuskegee Airmen will be available for purchase as a digital download in the very near future. 25% of the proceeds will be given the Tuskegee Airmen HLHJ  TA chapter in support of the "Mile High Flight" program.

For purchase contact Paul at:

Senator Angela Williams Colorado final 2
TA Lee Archer with frame by pmo.jpg
Colorado Blue Angels hand drawn by Paul
TA John W. Mosley sculpture by pm 7.5 x
Apollo II Astronauts  water landing & fr
Edna and John W Mosley ppp c.jpg
Colorado Thunderbirds by pmo May 2020 pp
Avatar Banshee with frame by pmo.jpg
Pirates with frame by pmo.jpg
Blue Angel F-18 drawn by Paul Ortiz 2020
Rf-4C Phantom with frame angle by
Louis Armstrong by pmo.jpg
Pixars UP Fredricksen w balloons not for
TA wallart1.jpg
Girl by pmo Oct 2019b.jpg
Remy group by pmo sample not for
wood frame Blue Angel Hornet with map by
Grooty 3c by pmo 2020.jpg
Doc & Michael J. Fox by pmo sample not f

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